Don’t throw that stale bread out!

I’m sure everyone has had bread that became stale or hard after a few days…  You know, like Italian bread can get if you don’t use it up right away.  I had some Italian bread left over that had become as hard as a rock almost over night.  I took my leftover half and stuck it onto a garden hook, near the Labyrinth.  I watched it for activity, as it sat there in the weather for a full week.  I just noticed this morning the birds beginning to find and eat it.  Bluejays and Woodpeckers…  

You might try the same with your leftovers.  You don’t need a fancy hook to stick the bread on, any good upright stake will do out in your yard.  Or, you can do like we kids did growing up and just take the leftover bread, go out and pinch it up in an area for the birds to have access too – be mindful of stray cats though that might hunt the wild birds.  If you have strays, put the bread up on a hook of some kind, high off the ground.  Likewise, if you have any leftover rinds from melons, put them out during the day for the butterflies and the birds to enjoy.   

Garden Hook with Bread.


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