Mornings are awesome!


Above images are of my Labyrinth.

I never use to be a morning person, actually, I hated mornings.. dreaded getting up and out to start a hectic day so I effectively missed all of the beauty that the morning sunrise offers.. The insects busying about collecting pollen, I never noticed the butterflies in the dewy grass, the flowers freshly opened..

It’s taken me two years to decompress and relax, go slow, to experience slow time, to learn to read books again and even color.. It’s amazing what the Corporate world can do to us which only makes it more important to stop, get out and look around at Nature.

This morning on the Labyrinth has been a beautiful experience, the tiny yellow flowers raining down on the cement pads, the buzzing of the bees and the brightly colored flowers surrounding the Labyrinth.. it’s very peaceful, very centering.

If you need to decompress and relax or find your center again, the Labyrinth is a wonderful tool. To come walk, contact me through this site.

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