We are the Aliens.


I could spend all day driving around Fort Myers taking images of paved vistas such as this. I’ve probably sat in this lot, by Hobby Lobby, off Six Mile, for half an hour already contemplating what I see out my window.

I am appalled and angered by the views of the expanse of hard, hot pavement that sits largely empty if not for the circling, calling Killdeer which probably uses the West end of this parking lot the most. Killdeer like to nest in open area like fields and now, parking lots or medians where ever they can niche.

I don’t know if people will ever learn that you cannot pave over every grass without affecting their water supply. I mean really, where do you think the water goes? it runs off it goes downhill to the lowest point until it reaches the Gulf. You pave the aquifers, you cut out the ability of our natural systems – marshes, swamps, green areas to clean the water as it percolates down through the earth, through Gaia.

Just because we’ve located new earth like planets a few light years away doesn’t mean we can trash, or finish trashing this one and move on to the next. We have a horrible habit of trashing lands and indigenous cultures of those lands… for the pursuit of riches be they mineral or space to grow.

Some of us worry about alien cultures coming here to our planet and taking it over, strip mining it for its natural deposits and other materials. I don’t think it’s an issue, I don’t think enough people have turned around and looked or they would see that WE are those aliens and we are doing already to the sky, to the land and to the wildlife, to ourselves, what we fear others far away might do.


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