Monarch Butterfly – Just passing through..


I spend my mornings not in front of the TV…  but usually outside on the lanai, out in the half-acre looking for things to photograph and explore.  This morning was clear, wonderful out!   

My yard is a haven for birds, butterflies, insects and all kinds of critters.  I supply food, water and cover for many species.  I have a butterfly garden and Labyrinth.  This morning was also a little cooler but  then we just came off of a Full Moon and I know from experience that Full Moon makes for a usually clear overnight.  

I caught some images of a Monarch catching the rays of the Sun around the Labyrinth this morning.  I don’t see Monarchs too often, but when I do I can usually find them going from one Milkweed to the next.  This particular Monarch was moving a little slower, perching to feed and Sun on the flower heads.  Monarch Butterflies have a lifespan  of   7  to  8 months, making them the longest lived of all the butterflies. 

Fall is the best time to see them as the temperatures dip, and they begin their epic  2,500 mile, generational migration across the United States into Central Mexico.  I say generational as it takes several generations for Monarchs to reach Mexico.  You can help them along their way by planting out milkweed and other butterfly attracting plants.  I encourage you to turn off your TV, and move out into your yard, and make Nature a part of your home and your routine.  At least until it hits 90 out there….    



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