2,000 words+ that flew over me in an instant….

Great blue heron color morph - White

Great blue heron color morph - White

Great blue heron color morph – White

If one picture is worth a 1,000 words.  This must be at minimum 2,000 words.  

I was sitting, reclining actually all bundled up and gloved for Winter on a swamp buggy at CREW Bird Rookery Swamp   I was looking all around us, as well as overhead at the Cypress trees, the alligator flags and into that icy blue sky scanning for photo targets; gators, butterflies.. small things  when out of somewhere he flew up and over us.  What a magical moment of surprise…..  Look how the sunlight streams through his feathers…..    Looking at the photos and re-visiting the moment I can feel him flying even now…    

Image of a Great blue Heron Color Morph – White.

6 thoughts on “2,000 words+ that flew over me in an instant….

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  2. I have never seen any humming birds in Lehigh acres. I want to put up feeder, but if there aren ‘t any, it would be a waste of time .

    Would you please let me know?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Evelyn..

      I don’t know your yard specifics…

      There are several species of Hummingbirds in Lehigh. They love Native Florida flowers such as Firebush, and Tropical Sage. I have also seen them on my Hibiscus, (red) Bottlebrush next door (including the trees) and other flowers that are trumpet shaped including Firecracker bushes.

      See this website on our Florida Hummers

      How to attract Hummers to your yard

      They do like red. Keep in mind Hummingbirds are tiny and move fast so you may not see one unless you are looking for them #1 and #2 you have a food source for them. This is the sugar water mixture I use

      1 Part Sugar
      4 Parts Water
      Boil 1-2 Minutes
      Cool & Store In Refrigerator I place the liquid in a glass jar when not in use. My feeders are the cheap $4.00 Walmart variety – see my images on the blog. Keep your feeders clean and free of molds.

      Where are you in Lehigh?
      I’m over by Lehigh Middle School.
      It is NEvR a waste of time trying to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife to our yards. We have to make space for Nature or we will loose it.

      If you enjoy Birding and Nature have you been to Harns Marsh in Lehigh? or out to the CREW Trails? CREWTrust.org


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