New overnight surprise in the labyrinth.

Fall is coming!   another sure sign is this little Stinkhorn (Order Phallales)  that popped up in the Labyrinth overnight.  Stinkhorns are found October through March from North Carolina to Florida, to along the Gulf Coast as well as in Mexico.  I love mushrooms, in all of their variety, both canned or grocery store fresh on my pizza as well as along the trails that I wander.  

Stinkhorns are comprised of several columns that are fused at the top.  Supposedly they stink and are “fetid”  although I didn’t get down-that-close to see if it had an odor to it  (getting up would have been another matter. )  

However I did notice that it had ants under its cap and if you click on this image, you can see the fungus up close, along with the ants.  These strange little guys rise out of the ground from a body or “egg” that is hidden underground.   Long cords help to form the arms that reach skyward with the interior of the arms covered with a slime.  It’s this slime and the smell, which attracts flies, that helps to disperse the spores.  

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one today to see how it’s getting along.    Just another reason to always be looking for the little things underfoot.  What’s happening in your yard today?     This is an iPhone4S image taken with ProHDR

Tiny worlds……. Blog


Countless tiny worlds are under our feet and vehicles as we go about our daily ramblings.  We are at times oblivious to the idea that there are other living things underfoot.  In our fast world it can be hard to slow down and experience time slow, to look not just around you, but below your feet for the small worlds of the (from our on high) seemingly “invisibles.”  They are only invisibles until one stops, looks down, and makes an effort to get closer to a patch of earth…   Perhaps a spot in your yard, or along a quiet trail… bring your camera or camera phone, spend time next to the earth, and see what small things you see pass under your gaze… a new world of beauty and intrigue will open up and you may find it a relaxing inquisitive experience.